We provide litigants and disputants with mediation and other neutral processes that are proven, confidential, efficient, cost effective and results driven.  Avoid administrative fees and simply focus on the resolution process that is “right sized” for your disputes.

Our Services

Mediation and Neutral Services

We provide litigants and their attorneys with a mediation process that is proven, confidential, efficient, cost effective and results driven.



Investigation and Risk Management

A company’s most valuable assets are its goodwill and its confidential and proprietary information and data.  Do not jeopardize either by failing to  conduct professional, confidential, thorough, objective and complete investigations.


Dispute Resolution Processes

The manner in which an organization strategically manages conflict and resolves disputes with its key stakeholders is a proven driver of risk minimization and profitability.  Explore how SMART™ Conflict and Dispute Resolution techniques unleash valuable resources and talent to drive greater profitability and productivity in meeting the interests of key stakeholders. 


Process Improvement

We utilize proven and effective process improvement strategies that will allow legal professionals to operate more efficiently, learn the true voice of their customers, eliminate waste, enhance quality and differentiate your organization from the competition.